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We have been supplying magazine and book publishers for many years with exciting and innovative products. We source ethically and from many different suppliers to provide our customers with the best product, fully compliant and within agreed budgets.

In a world where everything best be here yesterday, we ensure that you get your covermount goods without lengthy waiting times for CE approval or hold-ups in customs.

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Pressure on circulations, rising reader expectations and a plethora of online alternatives have increased the pressure on publishers to stay ahead of the curve in recent years.

Including a carefully selected Covermount Promotional Gift is one of the best ways to achieve this and they have been consistently proven to boost sales.

  • Increase Readership

    To increase the readership on one particular issue (for example to counter a falling ABC figure).

  • Theme or Campaign

    Encourage casual readers to repeat buy the publication to ‘collect-them-all’.

What we do.


We work with some of the biggest manufacturers of products and gadgets in Europe and the Far East


We check and control all item’s compliance with all British and European product safety legislation .


We take care of all shipping, customs and taxes to ensure the chain supply runs smoothly and on time.


We monitor trends and developments, and when good ideas pop up we ensure you take advantage.

Case studies.

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Why use covermounts?

A good covermount strategy is very specific and dependent on the target audience. Everything rests on the key question "What is the reader experience going to be?" and are they more, or less, likely to buy the magazine again?

Most magazines will notice a sizeable uplift in sales with a carefully targeted free promotional gift. Knowing your demographics is key as well as having a coherent marketing strategy. The right gift will impose its value proposition and will bring the potential subscriber over the line to commit to buying the title or even better to commit to taking out a subscription.

For children's and teenage titles, covermounts offer instant gratification. Music and men's magazines primarily offer something exclusive the reader cannot other wise buy, while for women's titles, it's the opposite: The more valuable and the more likely it is that the reader would otherwise buy the gift, the more it is coveted.

Equally, the wrong covermount product can devalue the brand at the risk that buyers go purely for the ‘freebie’ and then promptly throw the magazine away. Readers generally expect value for money and that often means the gift is worth more than the magazine. to avoid ‘covermount boredom' its important to focus on promotions that work and the right release frequency, rather than consistently pushing a weak gift on each issue its better have a desirable gift on every second issue.

Pitch an eye-catching gift with the right title, to entice new readers as well as reinforce loyalty amongst existing readers, which keeps circulations high and advertising clients happy.

What is right for you?

There are three broad kinds of covermount magazines and its important to understand where your title sits in this respect.

  • Integrated into Editorial

    The covermount is perceived in the same way as the editorial features in the magazine and is absolutely central to the choice of title.

  • Extension of Editorial

    The covermount is seen as an important, but not dominant factor. The relevance and usefulness of the gift are key buying criteria.

  • Promotional Add-on

    The perceived value of the gift is the central issue. The consumer is critical and identifies the magazine’s image with the gift.

Magazine categories most suitable for covermount products are:

  • Music
  • Childrens
  • Hobbies & Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Home & Garden
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Computing & Technology
  • Sports & Outdoor

Case 1: Toys & Games

The children’s magazine market is segmented into Boys and Girls from 3 – 8 years old and then Pre-Teen Boys and Girls from 9 – 14 years old. Within these target groups are countless combinations for any campaign and theme.

Parents are prepared to spend more on their children than on themselves and there is a myriad of brands and characters for their children to enjoy

In a highly contested market like children’s media, publishers are constantly having to find new and innovative ways of reaching and sustaining their target audience.

Whilst in the case of younger children it quite often is the child that influences a purchase if the subject is colourful and exciting, parents are very conscious about added value and products that aid development and learning.

Case 2: Arts & Crafts

Customers buying Arts and Crafts magazine titles expect to be exposed to a world full of creative possibilities with fun and engaging activities. That is why they expect magazines in this category to be packed with free craft projects, patterns, makes, tips and bursting with ideas for all kinds of arts and crafts hobbies.

Arts and Crafts generally includes the disciplines of Card Making, Knitting, Sewing, Quilting, Beading and Jewellery. There are virtually endless possibilities and combinations that can be provided for every campaign and theme across card making, home decor, gifts and embellishments.

Many types of Arts & crafts gifts come in flat gift packs which can easily be attached or bagged with your publication and do not take up any more shelf space as the magazine itself.

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